Advancing Knowledge through Technology

Applying for a CHASS Account

  1. A brief note about services offered by CHASS
  2. Who is eligible for a CHASS computing account, and when will it expire?
  3. How do I sign up?
  4. Application Form & Terms and Conditions
  5. Using Your Account for the First Time

  1. Main services offered by CHASS

    A CHASS computing account is necessary in order to use any CHASS facility and/or service which may include access to:

    • CHASS computers located on the 14th floor of Robarts.
    • web site hosting (for academic related material)
    • file transfer to and from CHASS servers (e.g., using Win-Scp or scp)
    • E-Mail
    • Use SSH at other computer terminals on campus, or from elsewhere.
    • other research computing services. This list of services may be amended from time to time
    • Note: Any user with a valid UofT account (not necessarily a CHASS account) and/or coming from an IP address of a subscribing university, may access the CHASS data centre For non-UofT IP addresses of subscribing universities access is restricted to certain databases.
    • CHASS still provides E-Mail service to members, but no longer offers dial-up internet access. E-Mail accounts (UTORMAIL) and/or dial-up access (UTORDIAL) can be obtained through Information Commons, first floor Robarts Library.

  1. Who is eligible to acquire a CHASS computing account?

    • In order to apply for a CHASS account, first make sure you are eligible. CHASS serves only these departments. You must be currently affiliated with one of these listed departments, and have the following status:
      • graduate student - you must be currently registered - account expires upon graduation, withdrawal, or failure to register/pay fees
      • faculty member - you must be currently employed in a tenured or tenure stream teaching capacity - account expires at retirement, or upon leaving the university
      • emeritus - technically, retired professors are not covered by the CHASS licence. However, with a letter from the Chair, professors with emeritus status and existing CHASS accounts may have their accounts renewed annually.
      • administrative staff (dept. admin) - you must be currently employed by the department - account expires when your employment ends
      • * sessional instructor - you must be currently employed in a teaching capacity on a contract basis - account expires at end of each term, please notify CHASS if you wish to renew
      • * research assistant (R.A.) - you must be employed by the department in a non-teaching and non-administrative capacity - account is renewable annually
      • teaching assistant (T.A.) - you must be teaching a course and are not currently a graduate student - expires at end of term
      • * fellow - you must be a currently affiliated fellow with the department - CHASS requires a letter from the department with an expiry date in order to renew
      • * visiting scholar - CHASS must receive a letter from the Chair confirming your status and expiry date - requires a letter from the Chair in order to renew
      • undergraduate - only for course accounts. Must be requested by a professor for use in teaching a course requiring CHASS computing resources - expires at end of term
      • * webmaster - for administering web sites officially sanctioned by the department - renewable annually
      • courtesy/guest - requires a letter from the Chair, with a specified expiry date. Letter must state the reasons why the account is required. - generally not renewable
    • * any accounts requiring renewal should be sent in writing to the CHASS Information Officer before the expiration date. Letters from the Chair may be faxed to CHASS at: (416) 978-6519.
    • If you are not under one of the categories above (e.g., undergraduate in Law), check with your department about computing services, or visit the Information Commons for university-wide computing services.
    • The Account Signup Guidelines outline the guidelines for obtaining a CHASS computing account. These guidelines may be amended from time to time. The updating of same on the website shall constitute due notice. It is the responsibility of the user to periodically review these terms and conditions. Continuation of the use of the CHASS facilities and services shall constitute agreement.

  1. How do I sign up and get started?

    • new members: At the beginning of each new Fall term, CHASS processes new accounts and sends them to most of the affiliated departments. Check with your department first to see if a CHASS account has already been set up for you. Once you have your CHASS userid and password, please ensure you read the Guidelines of having a CHASS account. Then proceed with the getting started instructions.
    • If an account has not been set up for you, please print out the Guidelines and the application form , then fill them out. You will need to submit the forms in person and show your student or faculty card as i.d. Those who are other than graduate students or faculty (staff, R.A.'s, etc.) will need to also provide a letter from the department confirming their status (and expiry dates where needed). Forms and letters may be submitted to the Information Officer located at the CHASS facility, Robarts library (130 St. George St.), 14th floor. Accounts generally take one business day to process.