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Guidelines & Application form for a CHASS Account

I the undersigned, do hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the following terms and conditions of my CHASS computing account. I understand that my account may be terminated if I do not comply with these terms.
  1. I am a CURRENT graduate student, staff, faculty member, research assistant, teaching assistant, sessional instructor, fellow, or visiting scholar in one of the CHASS member departments. If at any time, I change departments, leave the university, or have a change of status, I will inform CHASS immediately.
  2. I understand that a CHASS computing account expires:
    • see the CHASS account application information below for expiry dates.
  3. I will inform CHASS of status changes.
  4. Obtaining multiple accounts (except in special circumstances) is not permitted. Those found getting multiple accounts under false pretenses may lose all CHASS privileges. I agree that this is my only CHASS computing account.
  5. A CHASS computing account may only be used for academic purposes. It may not be used for commercial purposes, or for the propagation of hate literature, harassment - including sexual harassment, or any other malicious or unethical use. These terms are from the University of Toronto's Appropriate Use of Information Technology Policy (see: Terms and Conditions). This policy covers any service at CHASS, including Web pages, databases, computer lab use, etc.
  6. I will not share my password, or computing account with anyone else. I understand that if I do share my password, I alone am responsible for any breach of privacy or system abuse.
  7. I will respect the rights of others working around me.
  8. I will not bring food or drink into the computing labs.
  9. I will report computer or server malfunctions to CHASS staff directly.
  10. I will follow instructions from CHASS staff.
NOTE: CHASS regularly updates its userbase in compliance with the audit department. This ensures that accounts expire in a timely fashion.

The terms and conditions of having a CHASS computing account may be amended from time to time. The updating of same on the website shall constitute due notice. It is the responsibility of the user to periodically review these terms and conditions. Continuation of the use of the CHASS facilities and services shall constitute agreement.

  • Please print out the following agreement, read it carefully, sign it, and submit it along with the CHASS Terms and Conditions Agreement to the CHASS Information Officer.
Last Name: First Name:
Department Name:
Status: (please check one)

Sessional Instructor
Graduate Student
Visiting Scholar

Webmasters and Courtesy members should speak to the Information Officer about requirements

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Student Number:


Status Letter Enclosed:

Yes___ No___ Forthcoming___

A status letter is required for staff, visiting scholars, fellows, sessional instructors, T.A.'s, and R.A.'s. The letter must come from the CHASS member department (i.e., Chair). The letter must state the expiration date of the account, and confirm the applicant's current status at the University. Fax to: (416) 978-6519

I plan to graduate in the year: (20_____)
Signature: Date:
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TEMP PASSWORD:______________________

EXPIRATION DATE:____________________________

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