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The Electronic Publishing Centre (EPC)

  1. General Access to the EPC
  2. Hours and Location
  3. Software in the EPC
  4. Software Use at the Electronic Publishing Centre
  5. Printing in the EPC
  6. Rules and Considerations
  7. The Idea Behind the EPC
  8. What does the EPC offer?

General Access to the EPC

The Electronic Publishing Centre is intended to provide CHASS affiliated faculty, staff, and graduate students at the University of Toronto with every possible assistance for electronic publishing. The primary focus of activities is the World Wide Web. It consists of a small computer lab providing access to Macintosh System OS9 and Windows '95 Operating Systems, desktop scanners (Windows only), and a publication quality laser printer. There a number of publishing and editing tools such as Omnipage (text scanning with OCR), HP Deskscan (image scanning), Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office and Corel WordPerfect. HTML Tools are also available. Note: All software is licenced to CHASS. Unlicenced software is not allowed to be installed.

Faculty, staff, and graduate students from departments in the humanities and social sciences who wish to pursue electronic publication further should contact the CHASS Information Officer, at 978-2535.

Hours and Location

The Electronic Publishing Centre (EPC), adjacent to the graduate lab on the 14th Floor of Robarts Library, offers three Pentium computers (two of which are connected to scanners), and a Power Macintosh which are available, by appointment, during regular working hours (Weekdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). CHASS users may reserve any of the three computers for a minimum of one hour up to a maximum of eight hours, on non-successive days.

Graduate Lab Hardware and Software

Hardware Windows Software Macintosh Software
(3) PIII PC's, (1) Power Mac
64MB ram


15" VGA Monitors
1 HP Laser 4050TN printer

Microsoft Office 2000 Professional
Corel Office 2000
Microsoft Office 6
TACT 2.1
Netscape 4
Adobe Acrobat 3 (full)
DreamWeaver (PC #7)
Aladdin Expander
Command Antivirus
HTML Tools
Paintshop Pro 5.01
Adobe Photoshop 4.0
Omni Page Pro
HP DeskScan
System 9
Fetch FTP
NCSA Telnet
AOL Press
Microsoft Word 98
Claris Works
Adobe Pagemaker

Software Use at the Electronic Publishing Centre

Printing in the EPC

The Electronic Publishing Centre makes its printing facilities available for a modest cost. Any charging is used to maintain the equipment and purchase supplies required to provide this service.

While our laser printer regularly produces very good output, the charges (and thus resources) that are being applied are more appropriate for draft quality output. Users with specialized or very high quality output demands may wish to go to alternate sources for their final publication output.

Note: CHASS supplies 20 lb. bond paper which is thesis quality.

Rules and Considerations

The Idea Behind the EPC

What does the EPC offer?