Advancing Knowledge through Technology

The CHASS Graduate Lab

  1. General Lab Access
  2. Hours and Location
  3. Lab Hardware and Software
  4. Lab Layout

General Lab Access

The Graduate Lab is located on the 14th Floor of Robarts Libary. *PLEASE NOTE* : For Access to ALL OTHER DEPARTMENTS on the 14th Floor, you must take the Public Access Elevators on the SECOND FLOOR of Robarts.

This lab is available to all CHASS members.

The lab currently contains 12 Pentiums III's, along with 3 Power Macs, and 1 X-Terminal. All computers provide Internet access. This includes the appropriate E-Mail, Netscape, and ftp programs for Windows '95 and the Mac platforms. The computers are connected to the University backbone via CHASS UNIX servers.

There is one HP LaserJet 4050TN laser printer in the main lab. Printing is 10 cents per page. CHASS provides 20 lb. bond (thesis quality) paper.

Note: CHASS does not provide computer application assistance.

Hours and Location

The CHASS Graduate Lab is located at Robarts Library, 130 St. George St.,14th floor, and is accessible only via the stacks elevators. It is open during regular library hours.

Graduate Lab Hardware and Software

Hardware Software
(12) PIII PC's
64MB ram


15" VGA Monitors
1 HP Laser 4050TN printer

Microsoft Office 2000 Professional
Corel Office 2000
Microsoft Office 6
TACT 2.1
Netscape 4
Acrobat 5
DreamWeaver (PC #7)
Aladdin Expander
Command Antivirus
HTML Tools

Lab Layout

Graduate Lab Map