Advancing Knowledge through Technology

CHASS Computer Labs

For details about the CHASS labs, see their individual web pages:

  1. The Graduate Lab
  2. Electronic Publishing Centre (EPC)
  3. Multimedia Centre
  4. Rules and Regulations

When using the graduate lab, please keep in mind the following rules & regulations:

  • No eating, drinking, or smoking
  • No sharing of passwords with other people
  • No use of the site by anyone other than account holders
  • No reserving space at a workstation. Workstations reboot automatically if left unattended for more than 15 minutes, at which time another user may use the machine.
  • No simultaneous printing or printing of multiple copies (additional copies must be printed elsewhere), or bulk-printing (please use EPC for bulk printing)
  • Installing software programs is not permitted
  • No computer configuration changes
  • Please converse quietly
  • No use of cell phones
  • Please comply with instructions from CHASS staff.
  • Thank-you for your courtesy.