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Getting Started with a CHASS Computing Account

Please note the following:
  1. userid:
  2. temporary account password:
  3. temporary lab (samba) password:

In order to activate your new CHASS computing account, you must first make arrangements with the CHASS Information Officer to obtain your temporary password. Call 416-978-2535, or visit CHASS on the 14th Floor of Robarts Library.

Once you have your password, you may either use the CHASS lab computers to change your passwords, or you may access the CHASS UNIX system from another location. You can use any computer connected to the Internet (with ssh available).

There are TWO passwords that need to be changed. The first is the account password, and the second is the lab password. You do not need to set a lab password if you will not be using the CHASS computer labs.

The CHASS Graduate lab is located on the 14th floor or Robarts Library. To get to the Graduate Lab, go to the 1st or 4th level of Robarts Library, enter through the stacks elevators. Go directly to the 14th Floor. You will find the lab around towards the right.

Changing your account and lab passwords at a CHASS computer lab

  1. Type in your user id and temporary password into the following fields as they appear on the lab computers:
  2. Once logged in, Click on
  3. Select
  4. You will see the following screen - Click on the "Quick Connect" button:
  5. Enter the host address, your assigned userid and press CONNECT - You will then be prompted to enter your password:
  6. password: the very first time you enter the system, you need to type in your temporary password that was assigned to you by the Information Officer. Note: You will be prompted to enter it twice. e.g., if your password is pat2, type this in, then press Enter.
  7. You will see a prompt saying that your password has expired, then it asks you for your current password, type in pat2 again, then press Enter.
  8. Next, the prompt asks for a new password. Type in a secret password and press Enter. The prompt will tell you if you have a sufficient number of letters and symbols (6-8 characters including at least 1 number or symbol). Memorize this new password. Note: this new password replaces pat2. You will then be prompted to enter this new password one more time.
  9. The login window will close, and you will now have to open CHASS UNIX from the START menu again and log in with your NEW password.
  10. You will now see some initial configuration questions. Configuration queries can be answered by pressing ENTER (this uses the default value) or changed to a different setting. For first-time users, the default is the recommended choice. After completing this, you will see the TERM=vt100 prompt appear, press ENTER. Then you will see the UNIX prompt which looks like:
    /homes/userid% (Note: "userid" will show as your own userid)
  11. This is the prompt (command line) where you can type various UNIX commands. If you now type: exec restart (Enter), the system will simulate a fresh login so that you can take advantage of the settings stipulated in the configuration questions.
  12. The login window will close and you will need to repeat these steps to log in again and use your account (or continue on to the next section to change your lab password).

Changing the CHASS Graduate Lab Password (a.k.a. Samba Password)

If you plan to use the CHASS graduate lab, you will need to set up this password in addition to the account password you just finished setting up. You may use the same password as your CHASS computing account so that it is easier to remember. To facilitate this, follow the same process as above, only there is a different command to use, as specified below:

  1. Following the same steps as above, login but this time at the UNIX prompt type "smbpasswd":
    /homes/userid% smbpasswd (Enter)
  2. You will be prompted for a password, which is the temporary password you were initially given (should be written at top of this document), then you will be prompted for a new secret password, which we recommend is the same as your CHASS computing account password. You may than logout.
  3. You can now login to CHASS lab computers using the userid and password. Note that when you login to CHASS lab computers, there is a third line after you type in your userid and password which says: Domain Name: At this prompt, ensure the dialog box reads "chass".
  4. IMPORTANT: Once you have finished using CHASS lab computers, BE SURE TO LOGOUT!. From the Windows Start menu, click on the Logout icon. If you do not logout then others may access your account.

Note: To logout of UNIX, type logout (Enter) at the UNIX prompt.

Changing your account password from a different location

If you are not using one of the CHASS lab computers, you will need to ssh to your account and follow the same steps as above in order to change your CHASS account password.