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Obtaining Software outside of CHASS

Certain software packages are not available at CHASS since they are not licensed to CHASS. Although the installing of software is not permitted by lab users on CHASS computers, such software may be aquired freely or by purchase for personal or academic use on your own computer. Software can be found both on campus or on the internet. CHASS staff are not responsible for supporting software found or aquired outside of the CHASS facility.

  1. Software Licensing Office
  2. UTOR DIAL Connectivity Software
  3. Downloadable Software Sites

Software Licensing Office

Some software is subject to Educational Discounts. You must contact the Software Licensing Office for details.

UTOR Distribution Software

To obtain internet and dialup software from the Information Commons, please visit the Information Desk on the first floor of Robarts Library or visit the UTOR DIST website.

Downloadable Software Sites